Saturday, 27 October 2012


after arranging with barry to sea watch in thanet today,we met at at half seven,with a few hopefully birds in mind after having a few gannets and auks go past,we had a twitt from mike who just had a puffin fly past east,coming are way BINGO i spotted it then  barry was on it a year tick for us both, my third in two years,then craig arrived later on with skuas going past razor guillimonts and a single little auk
great skua

great skua
then the best was yet to come with common scoters and eider and gannets going past and a twitt which it read a STORM PETREL flying east close in a MEGA on any kent birder list we waited and waited and then    that shout from barry PETREL AND IT IS A STORM then craig was on it and i could not  find it then i was on it a warm glow was felt in that shelter what a bird what a tiny size what great white rump three happy men a lifer for me kent tick for craig also martyn and steve and phil also had  the bird blinding
me and craig and barry taking the photo on a wet and windy morning cheers barry and craig


Marc Heath said...

It would help if you were looking the right way. I think the sea is behind you!!

Rob Stokes said...

Hi Mark , excellent birding there mate .