Thursday, 21 February 2013


having a few days off,with jackie being at work i made the most of it,thetford,darford eastbourne,and fixing the car inbetween,today was no different being at grove yesterday and having the tit yet again,i head up the line towards cliffe first bird as i got out the car kingfisher good start headed towards the alpha pool two long tailed ducks worst shot ever,good start for me as was trying for a few photos in raw
so after bagging them it was hunt for a slav no luck again,getting good at this dipping lark,so head for raptor view point at sheppy for the cranes,but saw half a dozen bewicks and three white fronted geese yet again no luck with the cranes, i headed back then a stonechat flew in front of the car and happily sat on a post next to the car

as sitting there a juv swan flew past
then i headed home a few pictures from eastbourne and penduline tit from grove below

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Mike H said...

I know how you feel about dipping Mark.
As my sister was down from York visiting Eastbourne for a few days break.Yesterday I visited Princes park first of all about 11.15 and then later at 3.00 The Bonapartes did not show and Phil Smith was there all day and never saw it. A couple of other birders had vsited the Wednesday before and a no show that day !!

Where does it go on Wednesdays as it was reported back again today. !!