Sunday, 27 October 2013


Well at last and after a week of trying and god knows how many trips to foreness,barry yet again turns up trumps,another pallid he found,lost count how many he has found in the last week,all i can say barry never give up birding,i take my hat of to you,i wish i was half as good a birder like you,me and martyn was in the valley at first light this morning and a tweet came across about a swift sp in botany bay,a quick ring to barry and he said he keep us informed,in mean time phil has phoned saying he heading that way,then the phone call that every birder dreams about it showing well within a few feet,next thing you knew we was in margate twicthing a pallid swift giving us stunning views buzzing over are heads
just got to wait for the speeding tickets now,the next thing you knew there was another pallid and another three in total,shit how often does that happen, bet you it it will never happen again in my life time,took a few poor shots,

yet again i want to thank barry as a mate,i hope rest of kent will as well,super stuff mate and glad you still birding


Alan Pavey said...

Great pics Chiddy, wish I could have got there!

Mike Gould said...

Some great shots Mark, wish I had got there!

The Broadstairs Birder said...

Some great pictures,only 7 to go...keeping trying hard!