Sunday, 22 December 2013


Having planned for the last few days to go for the IVORYgull,i set off from home at two oclock a straight forward run arriving at site at twenty to seven,getting out my car it was belting it down with rain and blowing a gale,the first words said to me, how far you come i reply kent,with this i was hurried along with a group of locals and three lads form wales,i thought i was mad,they us so we could get prime spot,big thanks for that,having walked the mile trek at picked my spot,i wait and wait,then it dawned on me i left my fags in the car gutted,eight oclock came and went so did nine oclock,no show by this time people where leaving,i was getting fed and pissed off, no fags no bird,i was starting to think i had wasted my time.then it happen a phone call form a local,it was shouted out it just coming pasted sammys point a few miles away,everyone was looking but no joy,then i picked it up not bad for a kent birder on his travels,feeling very smug with myself,i called out its in front off the barn heading this way into the wind,then it appeared behind the pumping station and landed a few feet away,by this time the sun had turned up

it was soon feeding and drinking taking no notice of the 100+ people clicking away,i sound like you was on a battle field,i think it will some time before i see a stunning gull like this again,by this time a warm glow had surrounded the whole area,it fed for a good twenty minutes or so then took off into the blue,all i can say right place right time

my practice on my flight shots payed off,cheers mr ashton i do listen 

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Richard Smith said...

Cracking bird Mark, nice flight shots ! Well worth the trip !