Saturday, 3 January 2015


Awoke early this morning at stupid oclock,pick up my gear and head out,arrive at my site at quarter to three,a couple of barns sitting around,great i thought try out my new camera setting that i have been toying about with,first two shot i was over the moon with

 simply fix better image i think,as i shot at a low iso,all i did was turn off my HNR,then it start to rain bonus for me as the owl seem to hunt and sit for longer,at one stage i had three in a row cracking site,even had a new bird on site never seen this individual before,it kept well away from the others
it was raining so hard at one stage i had to go back to the car and sit it out,below are few shots for this morning owling,would of got a short eared owl shot but lit a smoke and flew before i could take a shot


Kentish Snapper said...

Nice Owls Chiddy..........Although I will un-anonymously say, I think you are mad being out in the rain with a camera at 3 in the morning lol lol.

chiddy said...

Got carpal tunnel syndrome again so it keeps me awake so I get up and go out steve

Mike H said...

Mark, I love the shots but totally agree with Steve about the stupid o'clock. so sorry to hear the carpal tunnel is back.