Wednesday, 22 February 2017


Mirco marco whatever it is a moth,over the last few evenings been picking up a few strange ones which for a novice like me i find a bit confusing,had three moths potted at the weekend by david one has been id the other two waiting one
acleris LOGIANA


but was still catching chestnuts p/b/beauty,and now a few more common quakers and dotted borders
and of course the superb march moth
dotted border

march moth

ypsolopha ustella
 Agonopterix sp

tortricodes alternella

common quaker

oak nycteoline
a few i can not i id 

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Das Blogist said...

Hi Mark

The Tortrix is Acleris notana/ferrugalis (very difficult to tell apart) and fits a form of A.ferrugalis very well I just found on Google images assuming the image has been properly identified? The Agonopterix is a bit worn but try A.propinquella?

ciao, Johnny Biscuit.