Tuesday, 19 June 2012


things have taken a turn for worst,or i am getting bloody old one thing is getting hooked on butterflys,but NOW enjoying looking at orchids i blame bill and mr hook in the nicest way,yes i did twitch a bee orchid today as i never seen one so it says it all in the title
bee orchid

i think not sure southern marsh orchid

not sure this in the garden holly blue

red admiral


Marc Heath said...

Nice shots, glad you found them. Holly Blue for me.

Steve Ashton said...

Its a slippery slope, you will be buying a huge net next and I will look out for you skipping across the Downs chasing Flutterbys on a summers afternoon. P.S when next down by the pond take a jamjar.

Mike H said...

Great shots Mark, it is indeed a holly blue. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink!!lol Would get down to Shuart for the Small blues while you can!(see Marc Heaths blog today )

grammie g said...

Hi Chiddy...It is 95 degrees and very humid here in Maine USA, so I am laying low and doing a little blog hopping and found yours..the biggest laugh of the day for me..sorry, but your first line ,and them a look at that Orchid...oh my goodness all I could see was a face, two eyes a tongue, mouth, and I just busted out laughing!! I can see why it is called the Bee Orchid!!
Your blue butterfly reminds me of our Spring Azure!!
Nice blog!!

Anonymous said...

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