Saturday, 26 November 2022

Cock up

 Back to a earlier post,on my large pike which weighed in at 11 13lb,which is incorrect as my scale have just been recalibrated,which was a asounding 4lb out lol

,so my pike was 15.13lb 

Sunday, 13 November 2022


 At last with cdaa waters open for pike fishing,i head down to my local river after work on friday for a hour or so on the lures,10 mins in my landed net grace the first of the season just below a seven,that was the only fish i had,So saturday was another day and armed with the fly rod it ended up as a blank,So sunday was another trip out armed again with the fly rod 2 hours in not a sniff,then it happened a take on a fly what a fight a superb 11.13lb,what a fish to start my fly fishing trip,shortly followed by 3 lost fish due to being a complete knob and letting the tension off the line,first thing you learn no strike and no stripping and keep line tension,

then i landed 3 on the bounce and dropped yet another {knob i am}will remember to keep tension 

still a learning curve but happy with today one shredded fly lol,just now to wash the kit ready for next week,another thing you must do wash your fly line as towards the end of the session the line was just not shooting because crap in the river,anyway happy fishing

Saturday, 5 November 2022


 My pike fishing sessions have so far resulted in 4 blanks with only one hit in over 20 hours of casting a fly,but my casting is getting god lol lol

Tuesday, 11 October 2022


What  have i been up,well birding seasalter nonstop with mike gould and finding some superb stuff,first was a gull bill tern which i found at oare then a week later rob and andrew had it again,it ended up on the seasalter list a few days later 20/7/22

then the next bird was common to most areas but a pied flycatcher at seasalter 10/9/22

Then i jammed on a purple sandpiper on the beach a first for many years 16/9/22

then on the 23/8/22 i spotted a purple heron sitting on a gate from seasalter lane then a few weeks later again from london array and finallay it gave up and show itself to mike and geoff 

Then the big one on14/9/22 a juv red footed falcon 3rd for kent found by me and mike that was a hard one to id after about 40 min,after phone calls and google  we put the news we just wanted to make sure,the bird ended up on the island  

heavy crop just to show the bird was always far away,so thats a few hightslight of the summer and shows how good patch birding can be,many hours and many miles walked 

Tuesday, 26 July 2022


 Having a day off mid week due to time owing,not lucky enough to be paid,i made a trip to fish the stour,After watching 4 barbel just laying there,lucky i was with bailiff at the time,so we discuss the best sites for them,one is out of bounds until november,which is where these fish are,so i was all set wednesdsy at first light on the bank,over cast and drizzle 

i did well in the right spot but not a barbel there are there a bit mo time