Sunday, 18 August 2019


My 2nd trip to longshaws,my plan of attack was fish the wood pool which is just for float,my tatics was to fish hard bottom on double corn and paste which would hopefully act as ground bottom first in was a common carp on the pole this time i took my time and let pole do the work
weighing in at 4.7lb then i had another 3.2ib
then i had two chub  2.5lb,and a nice 4lb

2lb common carp

the 4lb one was a give and net me fish no fight at all,the to round things of a 2.1lb mirror carp another which i did not even weigh

roll my next trip my aim is to get a double figure carp this week and land it

Saturday, 17 August 2019


Trip out instead of birding for once went to longshaw a place I have never fished before,so choice of weapon was the pole size 14 hook with sweet corn and luncheon meat,I was soon bringing the roach and bream and a bonus chub,then I hooked into a 15lb+ common carp which scream off like a train played it for over 20min with my elastic at full stretch then it happen snapped no2 section so I played best I good and it slipped the hook,after rerigging I was straight back into the bream then I hit another carp which I did land after a half hour battle

Sunday, 11 August 2019


A trip to ash fisheries today with Tilley ,never been there myself before so I did not no what to expect so it was fishing the pole in 2ft of water I was soon catching bream and roach even caught a rudd,then I caught a 2lb crap but then the next bite was even bigger,then it ran me into the Reed's with Tilley on the landing net and only a few feet away it slipped the hook by the size of it 7_8 lb never

Friday, 9 August 2019

20 years plus

That was the last time I went fishing,so this Sunday planning to do some crap fishing, should be fun as everything has changed paste pellets corn etc.... What every happen to maggots

Thursday, 8 August 2019


Since swapping over too led's i have had a fall in numbers of moths i been catching,but what i have been catching i nearly all new for garden,this year i add iron,maple and pebble prominent plus i also added lesser swallow and swallow this year which are already on my garden list