Tuesday, 23 June 2020


My rate of carp and other fish has increased due to bait feeding is more spot on,this really showed this afternoon,only had a short time to go fishing well 3hrs in all,by time I had set up and got ready half hour had already gone so after a hour I had my first take after swapping over bait to a pineapple pellet first cast bang a 19.3lb carp and two hours in a 17.5lb

Monday, 15 June 2020


After writing my post this morning I headed of for a short 4hr session armed with my pellet waggler rod and reel,I was soon into bites but nothing was taking as such,so 2hrs in not a fish,all of a sudden a run and 10 min later a 16.4lb is in my arm,so I carried on fishing not a bite then the heavens open up I chucked back out bang the rod bent drop my float was in the bank under a tree with a fish on with some careful playing I got the fish out and it run me start into a Lily pad my heart was going mad and careful got her out and it felt like a life time in fact 40min had past and still playing this fish which I had not even seen another 15min past I was still playing this fish I finally netted it after a hour a STONKING mirror carp weighing in a massive 23.7lb soon after this I just had to pack up to much excitement for one day
 16.4lb common
 23.7lb mirror carp


Been playing about the last few weeks with a few set ups,I think I am ready to attack the larger carp biggest so far 14.8lb plus 80 odd 4-9lb in just over 3 weeks so today I will attack the venue I know holds carp up to 28lb say tuned

Thursday, 4 June 2020


IT has been a couple weeks in the valley with cracking birds turning up,been really good for me as i have been fishing at the local lakes,so it has been drop and dash
 1st summer female red foot

 1st summer female red foot
 female red crested pochard
 1st summer male red foot

 black wing stlit
 little owl
male red crested pochard

Monday, 1 June 2020


I was fishing the other day on the stodmarsh lake,I heard a plop next to me and what I saw was unbelievable a mole was swimming about in the lake lake heading towards the Lily pads it spent a bit time out there and swam back

Wednesday, 27 May 2020


Waking up early this morning i headed off to a spot i know that i can video the beavers,i got there at 4.30am and just waited what happened next was unreal the beaver just stopped in front of me and started to have a muncH

Then to make my day even better i have manged to see 100 red kites so far this with my total standing at 102 but this i only from my garden