Sunday, 17 February 2019


Having not trapped much lately i jumped at the chance to join len and alan in a wood near maidstone,having not been well for the last fews days i thought it might do me the world of good,upon set up i had a call from alan as he just found a FEMALE Small Brindled Beauty.which are wingless and tiny

we set ourselves a task to see how many other FEMALES we could find i was lucky enoungh to find a spring usher
len found a dotted border 
with this the fog was starting to rolling in  a superb evening had by all and round off with a dotted chestnut

Monday, 11 February 2019


After finding the lesser spotted woodpeckers last week it was a return to try and relocate the marsh tits on the way down i was lucky enough to see two red legged partridges on the top of the bank,where we view collards lake a rubbish photo below
on arrival in the woods two common buzzards sitting in the sheep field,as walked  down the bottom by the stream i soon had the the lesser spotted woodpeckers,as i was watching them i heard a nuthatch i scanned the the tree tops and saw nothing another visit needed,then i heard marsh tit i turn around it was sitting on a tree stem

i soon let the others know and i was join by martyn and sue who soon was looking at this lone bird must be more then one bird there...........................

Sunday, 3 February 2019


With grove being very very quiet this morning me martyn and sue,headed towards the woods this morning seeing it we could add to the tiny valley year,upon arriving it was very quiet with grt tit calling with little else,scanning the tree tops i pick up blue tit chaffinches gold crest,also a lone marsh tit not calling just flitting about,with this i called the others and took my eyes away,half hour later still could  not refind,birds otherwise note was a woodcock  5 x common buzzard,with this we split up so just kept looking with martyn and heading back to the car,then bingo a mega bird nowadays a lesser spotted woodpecker
with this i phoned the others,with all of us watching this bird martyn picked up a 2nd bird even better with the birds calling and drumming we had prolonged views also another woodcock flew though the woods,i am not stating where we had them but the valley locals will no where

not the best images as we gave the birds plenty of space,it seems the range is vast so another vist is needed

Sunday, 27 January 2019


Wet and windy that was the start of the day as i join marytn at the gate at grove,we make are way to feast hide and stayed there until first light with it chucking it down and the wind howling,i soon went and went for a sea watch at minnis bay, but soon gave up with bugger all moving on the sea,i heading back to grove and picked up the GREAT WHITE EGRET heading towards feast hide it promptly land so i headed down there it was feeding along the back edge of the pool

it stayed for at least half hour and soon was off again heading towards the ramp,lucky enough i had the camera to hand as it flew past

the canon m50 tracked the bird superbly well in low light,more i use the camera i am amazed so far how can a basic mirrorless as quoted by canon out perform my old 1d m3 

Thursday, 24 January 2019


i was looking in my hard drive and found this i even forgot i even took it, 6 years ago seems like yesterday my favourite bird i seen in the uk,well worth the six hour punt up the motorway.