Sunday, 17 January 2021


 Few of the highlights from being out and about


dusky warbler

stone chat

cattle erget

great white erget

Wednesday, 13 January 2021


A new year off and running after spending most of last year fishing well since and stepping back from bird watching,i have got my enthusiasm back,i really lost my mojo when i came back from south africa spoilt rotten for birds,NEARLY 2YRS ON i got over it,so i went even got a new pair of binoculars well 2nd hand a big thanks to GIBBARD for finding them for me,so my first trip to the valley was after work yep i work in canterbury now on my home before anyone has a moan was really rewarding 2 cattle egrets 1 grt white, 2 ringtails 1 adult male which seems to roost near savis pool,and a dartford and barn owl

very pleased with these 10x42 TFL victory they are classed as mint which they are cannot fault them

but i will still be going fishing but not all the time 

Sunday, 3 January 2021


2021 off and running,after careful thought i decided on the 11 hour to not do stodmarsh/grove this year,as i now work in canterbury i just cannot just pop down there as a lot further to get there,i am going to stay local apart from when i go fishing on the fordwich complex,so that means a 5min drive up the road which is 1.6miles well within the goverement stay local,so new year day i was out at first light and ended the morning on 50 not a bad start 

the garden is ticking over nicely with red wings and blackcaps

the fishing front was quiet i went on the 24th.26th and today i was only able to catch 2 on the 24th only small jack pikes,on boxing day i made a rare trip to royal military canal armed with my go to lure,none of this dead bait stuff for me as i am really enjoying lure fishing not everyones cup of tea,i must of walked a mile of the canal without even a touch or follow then on the next cast i must of landed straight in front of the fish which took it straight away the next 10min was a battle with the heart pumping a good scrap with a nice large double figure pike which shook the lure out one nil to mr pike,being a bit hasty i cast again and manage to lose my lure gutted prat came to mind,that was ended of that,forward to today i went to fordwich which in many places was flooded and the was was like a milk coffee,very hard going met a few pike anglers who had not even had a bite let alone a fish,the joys of lure fishing was i am able to move freely and try different areas,after working my way up to the deeps wading in thigh high water, i soon had a jack pike out on the bank not the largest but a fish
the lure bigger then the fish 
this pike i caught on christmas eve yet again eyes bigger then its belly,hopefully  i can head of to the canal again this week and try my look

Sunday, 29 November 2020


 Two different days but still the same goal,on saturday i planned to go pike fishing again on the river,arriving well before day break and setting up in the dark via head lamp,i soon had my first rig out,just before first light i had my first run  and the pike was soon on the bank weighing in at 11.13lb 

then just within the hour i landed another one 10.2lb
that was really the end of the fishing not a sniff for the rest of the day,heading home a happy person i knew when i got home my new (2nd hand lure rod)had arrived
so my plan was all go for sunday a whole morning lure fishing,so sunday morning i was lure fishing on the lake,when i saw luke walking up,who said ben was fishing on the lake further so i walked up with luke and met ben and had a general gossip,so i head off and 3hrs later not a sniff or bugger all,feeling a bit fed up and heading for a blank,i went and watch ben and luke both land a jack pike each within minutes of each other and feeling impressed with their perch fishing kit and tiny lures,so we said are goodbyes as the time was flying past and i need to be home soon,on the walk back i was stopping in the swims and have a couple of chucks out with the lure still no luck,four swims from the carpark i tryed my luck yet again, bang a take a small jack  
then the next cast another jack
the next cast another jack

then another drew blood lol

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then another jack pike four fish in under half hour would of been five but i bumped it off,they may be small but a pike is a pike and i went home chuffed to bits with my tally since 1st of october rising to 19 

Monday, 23 November 2020


Two days fishing with Saturday morning spent on the lure,very hard going but did manage to landed a couple of tiny jacks,Sunday I fished with my brother kevin on the stour we was on site at first light,my first cast out resulted in a take straight away which I then solely lost it on the run,nothing happened until 8 when Kev land a lovely 11.3lb me nothing not even a bite this went on until 12 with half hour until we packed up,I had sreaming run with float powering off down the river I struck it and it was hooked then the fun started it would not give up just kept running 20 min later it had given and  on the bank a cracking 10.13lb just cannot beat a river pike for the power not the biggest but 2 doubles in the morning cannot be bad