Sunday, 22 March 2020


I must been something right had couple of superb session this week,never been a carp fisherman but some how I have fallen into it feet first,my method may not be the norm but it suits me,I have been stick to natural bats sweetcorn maize and chickpea,had five tench out this week from 3.3 to 4.4lb all caught on corn and fished on the bottom,also three carp 9.2 11.12 and my PB which I caught yesterday 16.2

Sunday, 15 March 2020


I have not posted for a while due to being a bit busy,work has been non-stop as due to relocating to Canterbury,long story not going to bore you with it,plus the weather been pants so not as much fishing as I would like,I have achieved a new goal yesterday,catching my biggest ever carp I was never a carp person in my younger days,but since a return to fishing last year I entered a new lease of life in my fishing which  I lost few years back due to falling out with cdaa which saw me pack up my rods and stop fish,I hook this cracking mirror carp on sweetcorn it not the biggest but I am well happy with it 14.12lb

Sunday, 12 January 2020


It is the weekend and all the plans set where put aside for pike fishing with strong winds which made fishing the river a no go,so I ended up going to jade lake to be honest I never fished before so i soon set myself up and was fishing pellet I was soon landing carp over three and half pound it was non stop action for six hours until I ran out my bait biggest weighing in at 6.12lb total number caught a mighty 63 I work out roughly it gave me a massive haul of 252lb of carp a few photo from yesterday

Sunday, 5 January 2020


After my new year blank it was time to get back out again,me Mick and mark had arranged to fish the local lake today I arrived at 6.15am and set up in the dark then the other two turned and set up quite a away from me,around 8ish as we was chatting away my bait alarm sprung in to life and my float was darting right at a very speedy pace quickly I struck it and I had a fight on my hands,I was using a new reel that I got for my birthday a okuma multipler never used it before but it worked like a dream I soon netted it and weighed then weighed it again with micks scales a cracking 14.14lb just shy of 15

Wednesday, 1 January 2020


New year arrived and piking session was planned with my mate on the river,I arrived just gone six set up and fishing away Mick turned up at seven and within 5 mins had landed a 13lb the followed up with a 5lb + by this time I had not even had a knock or bite,this was the out come for rest of the session HAPPY NEW to every one