Sunday 22 January 2023


 New job has changed a lot for me for 2023 a bit of a rethink of my plans,still doing seasalter as a patch with mike but only wednesdays and sundays,but still finding stuff 

short eared owl 
male hen harrier 
on up side i went out a bought a new moth trap as i will not be getting up at silly oclock for work
yet to catch a moth in 2023,so more trapping but no doubt will change when the light evenings are here

Monday 12 December 2022


 Just the one happy with that hard work river was a bit mucky and leaves flow down,made it a bit hard work,new spot on the river up by cdaa head quarters and i fish down to the bridge had one smash early on,then nothing changed fly and added a 2g weight bingo a 70cm jack pike 

i packed up and move to fordwich driving up the track,a on coming van as a kind person i am,i pulled in saw the number plate and it was dylan driving out,quick hour up on the river resulted in nothing i called it a day,always another day for the big girl 

Sunday 11 December 2022


 Iced up thats what the last couple of session on the stour has become,fishing the fly and stripping back has mean't the eyes have becoming blocked with iced,but i managed to pull one out on saturday,be out out again this week no 12 since november all out the river not the biggest pike is a pike 

Saturday 26 November 2022

Cock up

 Back to a earlier post,on my large pike which weighed in at 11 13lb,which is incorrect as my scale have just been recalibrated,which was a asounding 4lb out lol

,so my pike was 15.13lb 

Sunday 13 November 2022


 At last with cdaa waters open for pike fishing,i head down to my local river after work on friday for a hour or so on the lures,10 mins in my landed net grace the first of the season just below a seven,that was the only fish i had,So saturday was another day and armed with the fly rod it ended up as a blank,So sunday was another trip out armed again with the fly rod 2 hours in not a sniff,then it happened a take on a fly what a fight a superb 11.13lb,what a fish to start my fly fishing trip,shortly followed by 3 lost fish due to being a complete knob and letting the tension off the line,first thing you learn no strike and no stripping and keep line tension,

then i landed 3 on the bounce and dropped yet another {knob i am}will remember to keep tension 

still a learning curve but happy with today one shredded fly lol,just now to wash the kit ready for next week,another thing you must do wash your fly line as towards the end of the session the line was just not shooting because crap in the river,anyway happy fishing