Thursday, 20 May 2021


 Tern duty again this week like most afternoons with the weather looking rather naff again and yet again i was going get a soaking again ,like most evenings so far ,so i took a slow walk behind the chalets up to the sea wall and on the third from last post ,i notice a small raptor closer look it turn out to be a hobby patch year tick .

what happened for the next hour or so was just amazing the bird dropped onto the beach, i think to let me past

all the time i was snapping away and the bird did worry at all that i was there,then it flipped up and flew off,thinking that was that i carried on walking and the bird landed right in front of me from know where
so i carried on walking and walked right past it,then mike phoned and said he was on his way up so i turned around and walked straight up to the bird which just looked at me as i strolled past

all these photos are uncropped and just resized that how close it was,as i was walking up to meet mike the bird flew up to try to catch a st marks fly and crashed straight into the barbed wire fence but a quick tussle it freed it self as i was legging it fast as i could to help it ,was on the post looking fine and undamaged before i even got there phew .
the next  hour was just a joy watching the bird feeding and just sitting on the wall while me and mike was having a ball,we left it sitting on the wall as we headed home,a day not to forget 

i even got a little tern shot to round a cracking day off

Sunday, 16 May 2021


 Full stop that about sums things up at the moment,a small infux of wheatears and sedge and reeds,but have been kept best doing my warden bit for the little tern 

if the little tens are not about we still have the long staying male eider to keep me busy watching him catch crabs and shaking the claws off

Saturday, 8 May 2021


 A good fall of wheatears and whinchats in the last couple of days,and surprize showing of a seo

Wednesday, 5 May 2021


 That is the question i have ask myself for the last two afternoon,i have been helping out for thr kwt rare bird protection scheme for the little terns local to me 

i have been in gale force winds snow hail heavy rain in last couple of days 

the answer is yes i am enjoying it ,watch these little diamonds in all weathers feeding and chasing each other tonight i even picked up common sandpiper 

and of course my mate is still there 

Monday, 3 May 2021


 Early start on the castle with the eider putting in a show at 5.15am 

then the show really start with the terns as i was joined by mike who kept a tally

sandwich tern was first then it was a common
then we had 6 little terns never really close

then two gypo geese 

then this afternoon a short eared owl appeared??

a few another photos i took in the week





yellow wagtail