Sunday, 23 June 2019


The bittern has been showing a lot lately,at the stodmarsh end but a bit tricky to get a shot but today with help from martyn being the eyes defo not the ears from tower hide and a bit of luck i managed a couple of so so shots

but before that is was lucky for the 2nd day on the trot see the beaver swimming along without a care in the world

Saturday, 15 June 2019


   I have been the last fews weeks just birding stodmarsh and collecting data for NE on bitterns and monday i said i pop down and have a chat with ben,so i headed to tower hide and it was pouring with rain as i was standing on the platform of the hide when i heard a   Golden oriole  having located the bird i had to make a quick choice photo or record i went for the recording          the best i good get with a Mobile the bird was only there a few mintues and soon was long gone,the rest of the week i spent trying to get a few barn owl snaps

Monday, 27 May 2019


Since my trip to the zoo and nice weather i have not caught up with my photos,most of these photos where taken at grove/stodmarsh,bittern over the stodmarsh lake early morning

 then i had a cuckoo on the ramp

then we had a mass movement of red kites

then a cattle egret which i missed on saturday which martyn found yet again and caught up with on sunday

Friday, 17 May 2019


photos from my stay at port lympne wild animal park,i would highly recommended a stay over night it is a superb experince

Thursday, 16 May 2019


Plastic or not or ship assist i was making sure i saw the pied crow as a just in CASE ie hooded merg did not go for that very foolish by me,chinese pond sure did,i dipped on the pied crow twice once near home at swalecliffe and then on tuesday evening at broadstairs,having very limited time on Wednesday i planned for a early morning to be at viking bay for half five and leave no later the eight,when got there no sign of it or any crow for that so i wandered around and sat on the pier for over a hour with nowt,then at 20 to 7 a crow flew across from the town and landed behind me and started calling PIED CROW in the bag
it then flew down on the beach and started feeding and calling

then 7 oclock it flew off over the town but later on refound