Saturday, 10 April 2021


 Wind that is the issue at moment coming from the north to cold and windy.few sunny weather days has bought a few sedge warblers and a few swallows,but two days this week we had a superb movement of over 400+ kittiwakes

with the long staying eider at castle coote and the ringtails have kept me still going out,the ringtail [f]gave me the run around the other evening as sat in the spot that it flys over,i watch it as it head towards me but carried on straight by so i made quick about turn and headed in the same direction,but the ringtail turned and flew over where i had be sitting lol lol

but yesterday with the wind dropped and coming from the west a few yellow wagtail appeared along with 2 start wheatear

on sunday i have got a meeting with KWT estate manager about castle coote and the reserve so watch this space,i have already signed up for the little tern program what else have i been roped into we see

Tuesday, 6 April 2021


 The frustrating walk is the long 2-3 mile walk to castle coote,most of time lately bugger all to be seen,it has even been flushed off by the dog walkers or the twats that walk all around the castle,as at the moment we have been sitting on north winds which screws us for anything that is moving from across the water from europe,after walking up to the castle twice friday and saturday for nothing,i walked up yesterday afternoon as the wind had clamed down a bit and the sun was out,when i reach there i had a quick scan of the horse sands noting a few seals and shelduck,then i spotted the male eider [which has been knocking about before the new year]sitting behind the seals as the tide was coming in i settled down behind the wall for two and half hours with a quick look now and again,then i spotted the eider flying towards the castle the next hour was just great watching him so close diving and feeding as many will say i filled my boots

Monday, 29 March 2021


 A few ravens knocking about in kent at the mo lucky enough to get a few close flyby shots

Sunday, 28 March 2021


 Very slow is putting it bluntly sitting on a cold strong west winds slows everything down with no sign of bird mirgration but with a little tease with a sand martin and a swallow also adding cattle egret with the ringtail still hanging around and a few canada geese popping up now again,the barn owl when it feels like it yep spring here not just yet

Sunday, 21 March 2021


 About birding early hours this morning and feeling a bit under weather with a banging headacne bagging another year tick with 7 gypo geese flying east,then getting a message from gibbo about martyn finding a white tailed eagle at stoddy at 7.04 and at 7.06 seems to have landed near tower hide,quick phone call going stay at seasalter might of flown no sign and at 8.12 eagle still present quick dash in car for a valley tick,half hour later thanking mr wilson  ie martyn and having cracking views of a white tailed eagle,ON THE LOCAL PATCH cheers mate a view record shots