Monday, 15 April 2019


A twist of fate which really summed up sunday having spent early morning birding with martyn we spent most of it at stodmarsh on the main lake,with sue heading down to marsh hide martyn and i parted company and planned to meet on the ramp later on,,so i headed off on the river walk and stopping at the back end of the lake with dave feast and finding two more garganey
i was soon stomping along the river bank head towards the ramp then soon noticed i had lost my end cap of my new scope GUTTED so i retraced my steps and finding at the jungle,i soon got a text from martyn that him and sue are heading to where i had the two garganey,so i said i meet at basil bench,with this we was soon looking at two that turned into 3 garganey,then martyn noticed some ripples in the dyke and we was soon staring in disbelief at two OTTERS swimming down the dyke
we have seen them many times before but not two so a quick grab of the camera i rattle some shots off not the best as the light was pants,so today i had a message and call from steve the natural england manager to give us permission to post photos of the otters thanks very much,there is no need to come off any of the paths at all for the otters as you have good views from the paths,it you stand still and do not spook them you getting cracking views as we have over the years we have kept quiet for a very long time but now we can share with the blessing of reserve THE OTTER COMES FIRST AND NOT THE PHOTO PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB THEM AND KEEP YOUR DISTANCE PLEASE as we have this great opportunity for them to be back in kent and my local path


Tuesday, 9 April 2019


With news breaking of 10 little gulls up oare marshes via geoff on twitter,i was soon there enjoying there zippy flights about the flood

there where a few birds in different mixed plumage and a single sub adult i ended up counting 13 with johnathan and later gibbo had 12 but he blind as he is fat

there where all doing the same thing catching flies not the best shots you see off  little gulls the photo below was taken in falling light

Sunday, 7 April 2019


After being off work for the last fours day and the weather being a bit better,It was about time to give the canon m50 a good work out to decide if i made the right choice as so many people are going to mirco 4/3s been there did not like so here i stuck it out and went mirrorless a few shoots from last week my main concern was is it quick enough for flight shots
mallard stodmarsh

pheasant stodmarsh

med gull oare

little egret oare 

spoonbill pegwell

male marsh harrier stodmarsh

raven stodmarsh
 all taken with the old 400mm f5.6 still need to get the hang of the exposure a little the next lot are all still shots, all shots are hand held with the field mice with flash at 200/sec
field mice back garden

field mice back garden

wheatear seasalter

highland cattle seasalter

in my mind i made the right choice i can hand hold for ages with the m50 which i could not do before,the camera tracks superbly

Thursday, 4 April 2019


Lucky me sums it up headed down grove this morning after a heavy frost after scrapping the car before i headed off got to grove later then i wanted to picking up a ruff behind harrisions as i walked the circuit heading towards stodmarsh stopping briefly at marsh hide with a few ducks present mallard teal etc.........
so i sat down on the sodden grass and waited as what happened next was all my wishes come true i spotted the ringtail staring at me though the reeds,it sat there for ages in the time i was watching it i had time to get the camera ready as i all ready took a few shots off it landing ,this was going to be a real test for my m50

well happy with my shots a chance i will never have a again

Wednesday, 20 March 2019


The penduline tit return again on the 18th after not being seen since the the 24th January,where has it been yet again it has vanished after showing so well on the 18th we wait and see