Sunday, 13 November 2022


 At last with cdaa waters open for pike fishing,i head down to my local river after work on friday for a hour or so on the lures,10 mins in my landed net grace the first of the season just below a seven,that was the only fish i had,So saturday was another day and armed with the fly rod it ended up as a blank,So sunday was another trip out armed again with the fly rod 2 hours in not a sniff,then it happened a take on a fly what a fight a superb 11.13lb,what a fish to start my fly fishing trip,shortly followed by 3 lost fish due to being a complete knob and letting the tension off the line,first thing you learn no strike and no stripping and keep line tension,

then i landed 3 on the bounce and dropped yet another {knob i am}will remember to keep tension 

still a learning curve but happy with today one shredded fly lol,just now to wash the kit ready for next week,another thing you must do wash your fly line as towards the end of the session the line was just not shooting because crap in the river,anyway happy fishing

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