Tuesday, 17 July 2012


had quiet wander to grove this afternoon with no idea that i was about to see my fifth glossy ibis at grove, having reaching the ramp that is where i stayed, as i was watching wild wood herding up the horse,which in turn was flushing everything which in turn was good for me, having lost count of lapwings and greensands ,a flock of 15greylag flew in with this dark bird tucked in with them, after seeing it land, indeed it was glossy ibis not one to moan did wish it was something else as i am very very close to my 200th bird for the valley,but a stunning bird i then put out the texts and calls to the locals,which happens in the valley then the news is put out by everyone to others, many people had the two at the beginning of the new year,put it stills gives others the options about coming down to see the bird,that is now the  third great bird in a month was else is on the horizon will i get to my 200th by the end of the month,see no holding back on the news in the valley straight on the pager let people know me not selfish i leave that to others 


Linda said...

Great photos! Greetings from Montreal, Canada. I must admit that I have never seen an ibis in my area. Thank you so much for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Me is like well impressed bruv -aye. Safe innit