Wednesday, 15 August 2012


after seeing the reports of a great white eregt in the valley yesterday ,again a bird which i have missed so often in the past,could this be the species that marks my 200th bird for stodmarsh and grove,well i hope so after recieving a message from marc this morning saying it was still there, i just had finish work and see it and arriving on the ramp just after three and meeting marc who said it was show i just waited and then number 200 popped up


Marc Heath said...

Well done Chidders. It get really hard from here now!

Mike H said...

Well done on the 200 club Mark, great last shot.

Stewart M said...

Splendid set of pictures - Its always nice to find a new bird on your local patch.

This is a great looking blog - with many birds I don't see anymore.

Is that a Bearded Tit (Reedling) in an earlier post?

Cheers - Stewart M

PS: most people will add a link (or a badge) to a post to allow other bloggers to find their way to WBW - it would be great if you coukld do that to. SM

Richard Smith said...

Congratulations Chiddy on 200, and Camera passed the test ! WOW, it's all forward now ! Great expectations, RS

Rob Stokes said...

Well done on reaching 200 and a great bird to have for reaching that total .