Wednesday, 26 September 2012


update  from yesterday meeting marc at the fishing mans carpark we walked up to where the wryneck was last seen with marc needing it badly for his recuvler list with me already seen one this year,bush bashing was the order of the day with sod all coming out,we repeated it again with a flock of tits moving along the line of bushs,with a redstart and lesser white throat in with them,no wryneck sadly,this afternoon i walked from the towers to the lagoon noting sod all as i walked back i saw three wheatear 

and wishing all the way back for few off the birds that having been turning up,magnolia,sykes,lanceolated warbler any one would do,then it happened noting a bird sitting on the fence near the towers could not get a clear view all sorts went though my head,then bollocks a stone chat still a nice bird to ended the day with

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Very nice shots
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