Thursday, 27 September 2012


after the other day of bush bashing looking for a wryneck and getting on with my work marc telephoned me saying wryneck is still there so i arranged to meet him after work along with steve,on arriving meeting steve and waiting for marc,we met sue so we all went down together and i volunteered to go down in the scrub with steve not far behind and behold a wryneck sulking in a bush with this i waved to marc but he had no luck seeing it,and it shot out the bush with steve seeing it,so we all went are different ways trying to locate it again but with no joy,as i was stomping about it popped up and gave a glimpsing view as it disappeared again in a thick bush with this i shouted to the others,and i went in and flushed it so heathy is a happy man

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Marc Heath said...

Nice one Chidders. Hope the wounds are healing well. Some nice shots in the end despite it being a nightmare to photograph.