Saturday, 17 November 2012


i arrived at dover at first light to a brisk s s eastly wind which meant my best bet was on the admiralty pier,after my normal chin wag i was greeted by  three auks close in flying east at that how it went on for the next fours a steady stream of auks and gannets with a razor bill landing briefly only saw three common scoters and one Velvet and three megansars there was plenty of red throats moving past

also a single med gull and a iceland species that was fly east but could not get much on it,as i walking back to the POW i stoppped at wellington dock and spotted a shag by the swing bridge

but the highlight was a juv gannet that zoomed in the habour and past a few feet away i quickly got a shot
a great morning


joanca bs said...

Very nice post
greetings from my blog joanca

Arnie and Dan said...

A good morning out then Mark!

Mike H said...

Sounds like that time of year when Dover eases back into its own.