Saturday, 8 December 2012


after finishing work today i went to dover,arriving to a gloomy dark sky, after hunting around the docks only a single guillimot and shag,the same was the pow but with three seals and few more guillimots so headed back to the life boat station and spotting which i id at the time a great northern diver it was far away to i let every one know,with this mr steve ray turned up and lucky for us is swam close in bollocks it was black throated diver a rare bird in the docks or anywhere,then phil turned up and agreed with us as a black throat, with this i was given the, lucky for me the chance to enter the granville docks a big thank you to the harbour master for that, but only given 5minutes so i shot down there and it was only a few feet away, WHAT A HONOUR well cuff with that,that really made my year at it was not afraid of me standing at all


Arnie and Dan said...

Brilliant shots Mark, you're a lucky man! (the experience, not the shots)

Martyn Wilson said...

Super shots of the Great-north, oops, ooh err i mean Black-thrated Diver Chid, great find.

Mike H said...

We have spoken you lucky ***