Saturday, 29 December 2012


because of the the high winds and large tide forecast, the prince of wales was shut,so i had to make do with the inner harbour,it soon came clear even that was pushing it,with no sign of the BTD until very late on it gave a quick show, then it attack the two guillimots then had been sitting by the gates into the wellington docks
it was very dark and gloomy but beggars cannot be choosers,so i made the most of it with the guillmots close in so the camera got a good hammering

then one my favourites bird made a appearance,so i was in my element,could of sat there all day, it may just be a RAZORBILL, but it was close and marvellous to watch, as it is so much difference to a guillimot with the way it sits in the water, it diving could go on but it would bore everyone

i must admit i rather be blown all over the place and watching the auks then standing looking at waxwings,getting a razorbill in touching distance is so more rewarding for me


joanca bs said...

Wowowo very nice shost of this sea birds
greetings joanca and merry christmas!!!

The Broadstairs Birder said...

Good reward for your efforts,Chiddy.See you tomorrow..I'll be bringing my Dad for a look.