Saturday, 15 December 2012


upon my arrival this morning at the docks at first light and clear skys and a strong wind,it soon changed with rain a quick wander noting 31 crested grebe good dozen guillimots and three shags and of course the black throated diver in wellington dock,i was later joined by the two steves and we waited for the dock gates to open,as the black throat swims upto the wellington dock it did a couple swim pasts but with gate still being shut put in the mean time i took a few guilli shoots

as the time past steve ray departed leaving, just me and mr ashton bit later on the gates open and the black throat shot past us strainght in to wellington dock,steve moved his car i ran down to brad le wharf  and getting there just as it enter the last dock, with this me and steve had cracking views we rattled loads of shots of and one stage it was just to close


Anonymous said...

nice one chiddy.(kos to)from AA.

Mike H said...

Cracking set Mark I can feel the beam on your face from here !