Sunday, 20 January 2013


as i left home with no snow falling as got to canterbury it was a blizzard so it was detour to sandwich to see if i could see the smew spent a few hours there but no joy i was join by berni then later by martyn with a hundred or so wigeon for company and with odd bits passing by godwit dunlin curlew mipipits stonechats, aslo a couple of common gulls turned up so with weather turning we all headed home with me taking the long way home via dover just had to check on the patch,with pow shut and inner basin void of bird life i headed home,but as they say the day was young so i headed for hampton,that seem to be bleessing with the tide on the turn,all the waders was feeding like there was no tomorrow,with sandling running around my feet it was bitter,

then to my surprize a knot come past feeding as it went,not taking a blind bit of notice of me wrap up in stand in the sea if any saw me must think i was mad

with this i was thinking cannot get any better, but it did two purple sands did exactly what the knot did,they might just be common birds, but as everyone else was tucked up in doors i was having a ball howling snow in your face but waders running around feet superb

 but out all the birds the dunlin where the closes at one stage as i stood there the lens would even focus it was that close

with my tips of my fingers hurt i went home,you will not catch me indoors what ever the weather


Marc Heath said...

Nice set Chidders despite the weather. A nice reward for your efforts.

Mike H said...

Great set and a good start with the new lens. I assume there is still no news from the repairers then ?