Sunday, 3 March 2013


being back in the valley is always hard to get a photo, saturday was know difference,it was nice to just bird for once in good company with martyn and alan,always having a joke later on bumping into steve not a lot going on apart from the normal suspects and of course the penduline tit,long staying bird,only real decent add to the list this weekend was the knot a valley scarce bird, seen more purple herons then knots, quick alerts to the locals and a quick ring to martyn,only my second knot in the valley,sunday was the same with a barn owl hunting in the field next to the ramp,rest of the time was trying to get a few shots of the penduline tit

 we was quite likely to day as the pen flew behind us in the mace but there was always a reed in the way but glad i at last got a few shots of it close

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Rob Stokes said...

Hi Mark , excellent selection of photos .