Sunday, 10 March 2013


At last i have broken the two hundred mark for stodmarsh and grove,been a very hard slog over many years i remember my very first valley mega a whiskered tern may 2008,see i do keep records
then may 2009 as i was away in bonnie scotland a black wing pratincole turned up since then i don't really miss much,apart from when i have to work on saturdays,MARTYN has the tendancys to find things then like the whitewinged  black terns which i did get,my return to the valley last week was nice with finding a knot on the water meadows
so it good to be back with great company,but today was no different with me marytn and young bernie birding as normal,ramp harrisons and watermeadows and then tower hide where martyn does the duck count,but today bernie picked up a wader flying towards us distance at first then closer flew straight past us my 201st bird for the valley nothing rarer mega or strange but of all things a TURNSTONE a common bird else where but in valley a very rare wader,is this the year when the valley gets a mega it due soon very soon

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Steve Ashton said...

You must have a very long lens Chiddy to be able to get that Knot image on the water meadows. (lol) I wish I had of got a text about the Turnstone, I would of shot out of bed, dressed and drove down like a lunatic to tick it off. Well perhaps not. I remember the Whiskered Turn well, or as Alan thought the oily Common.