Sunday, 21 April 2013


catch up time after a woeful time with the camera of late,and getting a new car i finally sorted myself out,took a few shots over my mums to sort the camera out i looks like i ironed the issues out,archie was a great take subject if he kept still long enough

and a redpoll shot
well back to birding, this weekend was really was going be a good half day on saturday and sunday,it was going to plan meeting everyone on the ramp as norm and wandering around until we got to harrisons where i was watching the wheatear and everyone moved on,so i walked up to middle drove and checked on the ponies to cut a long story short i was there rest of the morning and catch up with everyone at the end of the session only photo taken was a reed bunting

meeting martyn at the crack of dawn to minus 1 and a heavy frost and mist was not a good start everything was in fine voice sedges singing

white throats scathing away,couple of nightingales calling,very quiet morning only adding cuckoo to the valley list with two males calling of and on,back to the ramp for a raptor watch was very slow with a dark phase buzzard drifting over,then things pick up with five hobbies four more buzzards and martyn finding a swift,then a little egert flushed a whimbrel 122no for me this year
while sitting outside at home i picked out a red kite nice garden tick
went back down stoddy with jackie for a walk seeing little owl normal spot

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