Wednesday, 28 August 2013

thanks everyone

Wish to thank everyone for there words of surpport,I will be carrying on as normal,but with a few changes,I will not be using twitter to release news,only rba,so that way it is more controled,once again thanks all


adrian.dowling said...

Glad to hear you have decided to carry on Chiddy (you can't keep a good man down!), all the best, hope to see you out & about again soon.

Alan said...

Nice to here you not stopping birding I would have missed seeing you around and having a natter a crack. See you around.


Jeff Goodsell said...

Dear Mark
I have just read your blog and the hassle you have been getting. Rise above it mate: you are better than them and you should not be pushed away from a hobby that you enjoy so much and bring so much to. I would like to add my support to that of your friends. My Wife and I bump into you from time to time and enjoy our chats with you. I read your blog regularly and rely on it, and the blogs of others, to help us decide where to go on our weekend outings - and for entertainment and enjoyment when we are not going out.
Shame on those who ruin birding for the majority and delight in ridiculing others.
Keep up the good work and don't let the bastards grind you down.
With Kind Regards
Jeff and Sandra Goodsell