Sunday, 15 September 2013


Sorry my crap spelling, but my dyslexia showed well today arriving at the early hours with martyn already there on the planned sea watch,so we walked up to the fishing boats with the sun rising and a clear sky not a good start,couple of skuas and a red throated diver,before sue arrive after that not a lot happen few willows and chiffs about,with martyn releasing one out of one of the diggers cab god knows how it got in there,so we walked up to the patch bump a few friends along the way,chatting away with andy and mike missed another sooty as it flew past,plenty of wheatears abouts

we headed back to the fishing boats to carry on are sea watch,the i had a call from andy lawson alert us to a ORTOLAN bunting at dengermarsh gullys, so we followed dave walker up there,as walked up it flew out a bush next to the cars and land in a bush then on the deck for a few minutes than disappeared out of view not to be seen again,great going for me two lifers in a week and not a stint involved,headed back to the beach to a windy reception,few skuas and auks and plenty of terns headed home a happy birder

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