Thursday, 17 October 2013


Title somes everything up,if i need a kent tick i will go bad back or not,went to hope point to try and find the richards pipits after limping down the track and into the rough the richards flew up and landed to the right of me giving super views making it to my kent list as 290no with this i limped back to the car and called it a day and spent the rest of the day on the i arranged to meet martyn and alan and go and twitch the two barr and hopefully the parrot,having arriving at the place and meeting murray, we waited with a few crossbills flying about then the rain started so odds where not good,so we hung around and it brightened up with blues skys all we needed was the crossbills then they arrived calling all the time along with a strange call which turned out to be the two barr,which gave cracking views in the dead pine,best  was yet to come it landed in the oak opposite us,so i ook a few shots

then they flew of so in the mean time john and mike and others turned up,the time was getting on so we where just leaving then there return,in the mean time alan was being alan looking elsewhere and he alerted martyn to some birds in the bottom pines,then the words where said xxxxxxx parrots crossbills,so everyone stopped looking at the two barr and looked at the parrots male and female bloody hell what a  head them birds have made the crossbills look stupid,the atmosphere was electric with a few top listers need it what a day kent birding at it best

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