Sunday, 3 November 2013


After having a day in yesterday with jackie and spending the day at a rabbit welfare place at southend looking for a new house rabbit,so i was up early headed down to the patch which is yet to produce anything that can be posted only birds seen common scoter still hanging about and a single grt crested grebe,the winds need to change a bit and temp drop or i can see the harbour having a quiet winter,so i headed up to joss bay with target bird in mind woodlark,still need for my kent list,having parked by car by the pumping station i had slow stroll along the cliff top,with a few pipits flying about,then i noticed a wheatear sitting on the wire fence,i must admit i did not a lot of notice until it flew,no tbar on tail and black band and white rump,so quickly headed to the bay and the beach and walked along under the cliff the i relocated it feed on the sea weed my tweet that i sent was how i saw the bird,this is my tweet it went,WHESTEAR AT NORTH FORELAND,NO BLACK TBAR ONLY BACK BAND WHITISH REST OF TAIL PALISH BIRD NO WHITE EYE STRIP,DESERT??the bird was hopping and flying along then it happened dog walker and jogger at the same time the bird flew along the cliff face but never went over the top,so i let barry and martyn know and gave them the jizz of the bird i tryed for the next three hours to find but the tide came in and no joy,this is a image i found that resembles the bird which i saw
very very close match the bird i saw was just a little bit darker anyway never saw it again,so i headed to foreness point and found a snowbunting on the apron on the under cliff

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