Sunday, 15 December 2013


Why do we put ourselves though this standing on a cold beach in mid december with the wind whipping up our backs, why the simple answer was seeing 74 red throated divers flying past by,then watching two great northern divers close in fishing for crabs thats why,having arrived at hampton in sunny weather this morning and watching a steady tickle of divers flying east,i was joined by mike gould we was counting the divers as they flew past two's three's couple on the water so on it went on like that for a couple hours,then mike picked up the two northerns close in feeding,for once cameras in cars just a joy watching
when we did get the cameras out the northern has drifted past the buoys a give away where we was,as mike was leaving the med gull made appereance,learning form mick and richard a loaf of beard appeared same the light was a bit crap sounding like them to now

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Marc Heath said...

Nice Med shots Chiddy, but the red buoy does it for me.