Sunday, 12 January 2014


Habour vist again this morning, hoping for few auks to of enter the inner after yesterday mass flyby only two was noted and the lone female eider was still hanging about,a very brief vist from a med gull

a single teal was hanging  about and 7 brent geese flew over
still five crested grebe grace the harbour,can't wait for the cold snap to pick things up a bit
as the gulls go the numbers have dropped off a least 13 great black backs but mainly juv birds,but no common gulls seen, 33 herring gulls that mainly sat on the hoverpad

but the main stars today was the kittiwakes, i counted 5 and 1 juv bird they was having a field day as the fisherman was only catch small stuff that went back in

this one was just having eye bigger then it belly blew my whites on these lol lol

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Alan Pavey said...

That does look like that Kittiwake is being a bit greedy!