Sunday, 5 January 2014


Having not been out much in kent in the last couple of weeks and working most of the christmas break,i headed out yesterday to dover to see what is lurking about,the female eider is still in the docks hiding up the top by the cement works,very guillis floating about with this i spent the next 2 hours watching the harbour entrance,with a single red throat past east and plenty of auks,then i pick up a whitish auk flying quite low to the surface of the sea,it was not as large as the guillimots that where  flying by,tip to tail it was whitish with a white under wing,i knew what it was as i have seen these before in flight on my many trips up north,a black guillimot heading east,great kent tick for me.
Trip to dungerness with adam,arranging to meet adam at half seven by the light house of course he was late,so i headed down the long pits, well the trapping area with richard roberts we had a quick brush up on the call and headed into to the trapping area which is up to your knee deep in some places spotting a couple of great tits flitting about in the trees and then i spotted it a humes leaf warbler just flitting about and just sitting there crackings views calling as it went,

not my greatest shots ever,got to keeping up with rob some how as he gets well,we then went at got adam to see the bird,by this time a few people had turn up so we made are retreat and headed up to the patch meeting richard and mick on the way leaving richard to have a nap,with adam needing caspo it was not long until the master picked one out a nice 2nd winter caspo
well pleased with this then mick pick out a nice adult little gull super day had by all

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Alan Pavey said...

Well done to get any shots Mark, it wasn't an easy bird to get onto!!