Saturday, 20 December 2014


Yet again the question has come up about my shots of my owls,staged,tame birds,feeding them,if i was so lucky,so i put everyone straight yet again,it is all done by being Patience and knowing what time the owls will be out,not just pot luck,having to work out what time,they would of fed and weather all comes in to play,if you get it right they will just sit and stay for as long as you like,another question i been asked is about the flash i use,but that would be telling,for one i always shot under exposed for barn owls,evens for darker,owls does the flash hurt their eyes the answer is no as you have already opened the iris up with you light source,they do not even blink,i never never use a flash on full power,so stop being twats and over zealous and trying to piss me off,ALL MY SHOTS ARE TAKEN IN THE FIELD not in my back garden,so in a nut shell if you do not like just don't read and leave me in peace,jealousy is a horrible thing


Dylan Wrathall said...

Mark - jealousy is a powerful poison! If you are getting some flack - it means the spineless wankers are leaving someone else alone. Don't loose any sleep over crap from people who are unprepared, or unable, to put in as much effort as you do.
If you need a break from blogging - then do it! But don't let these tossers stop you doing what you enjoy - getting photos of wild birds! Happy Christmas and keep your chin up - Dyl

Derek Faulkner said...

Comments or criticism doesn't always stem from jealousy, sometimes it can be from intelligent curiosity. Perhaps it might be simpler to leave the birds in peace and quiet to do what they need to be doing under cover of darkness.

Dylan Wrathall said...

Derek - I'm at a loss to understand where you're coming from. Because Mark requires very specialist equipment and techniques shouldn't stop him from taking photos! If these birds were easily seen during daylight would the process be any more acceptable?
No! Jealousy is a very dangerous and devicive emmotion - Mark carry on doing what you enjoy - no one gets hurt and birds are no more disturbed than when flushed by a dog walker (or birder!)

Derek Faulkner said...

That's a fair reply Dylan, I guess you're right in respect of the disturbance factor.
As for jealousy, well, I'm certainly not jealous, I have little interest in photography.

Margaret Adamson said...

HI Mark I have always admired your photography and never thought the shots were staged in any way. I think it was good that you answered any queries however I thought it unnecessary to stoop to the level of having to curse in your last sentence. We get enough of that on TV without bringing it into blogging. These shots of this Owl are stunning. Have a great Sunday and a wonderful Christmas week ahead.