Thursday, 4 August 2016


After having some rain i decided to put the trap out to see what is about, it taken a few days to id the moths so if i am wrong please let me know still very much learning


flame shoulder

least yellow under wing

dark spectacle

dark spectacle

heart & dart

Endotrichas flammealis
flounced rustic
couple i am stuck on if anyone can help

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Das Blogist said...

Hi Mark

The top moth labelled as Rustic is Common Rustic as is the moth labelled as Flounced Rustic ... don't worry, it's a highly variable species and everyone gets these things wrong at first. It's getting a bit late for Rustics but you will get Flounced Rustics very soon, I caught the first of autumn here last week. Flounced Rustics are slightly larger on average than Common Rustics ... far less variable too which will help.

The bottom moth is a Pyralid known as Euzophera pinguis ... the other 'unknown' is quite worn and impossible to identify ... it is one of the Tortix family (one of the Epilblema's) but this one is too far gone.

This must all sound like gibberish to you when you start off but don't worry, stick at it and it'll get much much easier.

keep it up dude ... Phil.