Sunday, 26 February 2017


Yet another trip out last night up my local woods,with the the wind still howling and the on set of rain
the bolly went up
as soon it went up it started raining the first moth in was a skonking PINE BEAUTY

Then 3 common quaker,chestnut,satellite then march moths 27 in total 5pale b/beauty then it happen a moth was flying low to the ground and not settling then it found the trap and buzz around which felt like for ever it settled and i at last got a look at it YELLOW HORNED

a few hours spent in the rain and wind turn up two superb moths you not out you don't catch


Marc Heath said...

Impressive work Mr Chiddy. You seem well into your new interest.

Marc Heath said...
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Merlin52 said...

Followed your sites for a while now after admiring your excellent Owl photographs
Your Mothing exploits are quite inspiring, your finds thoroughly deserved and photographs excellent, I check in regularly to see what you're catching as a reference.