Thursday, 28 July 2016


At last the chiddy mk2 moth trap is finish,gave up in the end with the mk1 as was getting nagged too much for plugging it in over night,so i took the time and google a bit and found all i needed for my new trap from paul batty all coming in at a grand total of 64.00 pounds my funnel was a fiver from ebay and my box from work free,so now i am running a 12v system of my booster pack,no doubt will be getting stuck on id on a lot of them.

all i need to do is make my rain guard and veins and i will be sorted

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Das Blogist said...

Hi Mark

If you get stuck on any identifications (as we all do) feel free to e-mail me any photos ... I assume you have my e-mail address? If nothing else, I can help with you wasting lots of time looking at species that don;t occur etc.

I'm not sure where you live but I assume that most of the stuff you'll catch around the garden will be the same as mine ... for help with elimination/identification etc my garden moth Blog might be of some help?? It'll certainly help to show what all of the common [as well as some of the rare stuff] that will occur ... it'll give you hours of fun anyhow, a few headaches as well no doubt?

happy hunting, Phil.

My garden moth Blog address is: