Sunday, 2 November 2014


I have been planning my lastest trip to do the owls,since wednesday new flash purchased well second hand,quick look on line how to set it up i always thought you just turned the thing on,well not on this, two evenings later i think i set it up right,trip to blue water with jackie on saturday afternoon home by 4 oclock, flask made fags camera spare batterys i was on my way,i arrived at my destination at half six,to well loads of fire works no owls so i sat and waited and waited saw the first flew by at 8 oclock not a stiff of a photo then at twentry past eight out of nowhere a long eared owl appeared and sat right in front of the car,with the flash you only get one shot my result below bang on
so it was back to the waiting game,then at quarter to nine at last a barn owl had to be a bit more careful,i just did not want to blow the whites,so turned the flash down single shot had to make it count SUPERB i think i said to myself in the pitch black
but i did have a test subject to turn the flash on and adjust my settings,i think he was glad of the company
after a while things had died down zero owls seen,so i headed home,i awoke at still oclock and headed back arriving at half three within mintues i had bagged another two barn owls what a night time session it was five photos, which am over the moon with flash worked a treat so much better then a bulit in one,
by the look of the weather today i think i made the right move,big thanks to a friend of mine you pointed me in the right direction on how to night time photography,here are the last two barn owls from my blinding session

another trip planned very soon


Alan Pavey said...

Superb shots 😊

Mike Gould said...

Some nice shots Mark. Takes a bit of practice to learn a new discipline ie flash photography, well done.

Shaun harvey said...

Think I might have to get myself a Flash! Nice images...