Wednesday, 31 December 2014


Coming to the ended of another busy birding year,2014 was a superb year for me,pasting my 300 birds for kent list with ease,every bird i went for i got ie,stone curlew,blyths reed warbler,blue wing teal,melodious warbler,terek sandpiper,baillons crake,name just a few,i learnt a lot as well thanks mick and richard gulls where superb,2015 a new year what will i be up too,well who knows for one i will be out and about doing my own thing,here are few of my fav shots nothing fancy or rare just what i like my fav shot this year my short eared owl
caspian gull

caspian gull
marsh harrier

marsh harrier


Dylan Wrathall said...

Mark - wishing you a prosperous and nature-filled 2015. Don't let the snipers get you down - great photos, great effort and a great blog - I'll raise a glass at midnight - cheers! Dyl

Kentish Snapper said...

Some great images from the year past Mark.......Happy New Year to you and Jackie.

Margaret Adamson said...

Fantastic images. Love the Little Auk. Happy New Year to you.

Mike Gould said...

Some great shots Mark, well done and Happy New Year.

Tim Gutsell said...

Great read Chiddy together with excellent photos, well done mate.