Wednesday, 14 January 2015


Well thats my lot on barn owl post shots,at last my new battery pack has turned up for my flash, so i can have a good go at flight shots,instead of waiting for the flash to reload i will able to do a bust of shots,so fingers crossed,anyway here is my last post shots,still got many to do,i must admit i did not think i could achieve the shots i have taken, but i am still over the moon with them i don't think i cannot do any better ,my last batch of shots blew me away with the detail that can be got with a second hand flash and a piece of plastic,i will post that one day,the last two on here look very soft in the head area around the eyes but i had a closer look it us the the way the feathers are,been told it could be a juv bird because of the softness of the feathers

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Margaret Adamson said...

Five fantastic images.