Sunday, 4 January 2015


Having made my plans for the forth coming year,so i can spend more time at home with out getting moaned at my jackie,this means no chasing kent ticks,long drives and so on,i have been sticking to it,in doors yesterday by 10am photos processed by 11ish,four hours sanding the staircase,god i sounding like a old married man,anywhere with marc texting me yesterday and saying if i was going owling again we arranged to meet up,with a few pointers and settings changed over the phone for marc,i said i meet him 2.30am-3.00am i arrived about quarter to three and he had already had the short eared owl,bugger,so i left him to it,i had a good idea where the shortie would rest so i headed BINGO sitting in its fav tree,great a chance to use my new light up

the set worked well shame about the small twigg in the way,not bad going first shot at 3.30am,then the waiting starts and that time in the morning it seems like forever,but with marc being there we kept in connect,this is a link to marcs blog the mean time the temp had dropped and fog was rolling in,not a good sign as it throws your light source everywhere,then at 4.40am i spotted the shortie again,just sitting on a post in the open,i went to switch the flash on NOTHING dead batteries,the words that came out my mouth i would not dare to write lol,with a bit of flubbling about taking batteries out of torches and testing with the dead ones,i at last got a working flash,amazing still the bird was still there,i had enough jucie to take three shots

i normal carry spares with me but i had forgot i had used them,so i had to shot off and try to find a 24hr garage lucky for me i found one half hour later,so headed back to even worst fog,by this time it was gone 5am and it was quiet my last shot was at 5.20am of a barn owl

we called it a day at 7am very quiet but a good laugh with marc,i thought i put my times up to show how long it takes to just to see or even take a photo of a owl in four hours i managed three shots,is it worth it,EVERY SECOND JUST TO SEE THIS WONDERFUL BIRDS


Marc Heath said...

Another superb set of shots, a great morning indeed. Back next week I hope!!

Bernie Weight said...

Great set of images Mark. A great start to the new year. Happy New Year.

Margaret Adamson said...

Stunning series of images of these Owls.

Bob Bushell said...

Beautiful images, especially the one and two, superb.

Mike H said...

Another lovely set Mark, sooooooooooooh jealous ! Not so sure about the 3.ooam tho !!