Tuesday, 17 February 2015


Yes my appetite for owls is getting worst,birding the richards pipit i was more interested in the shorties flying behind us,is this normal my other half keeps saying,no i say,i just set myself a target every year,in the past divers,auks,gulls,this target has been bloody hard long hours long nights,but what a buzz when you see these beautiful owls,the most graceful birds i ever seen,monday evening was just surreal it only happens once if you lucky,right spot right time,WOW a short eared owl so close you could touch it as it flew past,40 mintues of pure adrenaline rush,picking my shots yes picking my shots how often does that happen,too close could not focus,yep the weather was a bit grim so what photos are not perfect who cares what a session, what a quest i set myself still have not even started on little or tawny owls yet,this moment in time i am buzzing, guess what,lighting does strike twice,this evening had two birds to keep me busy superb,the quest rolls on.......

couple of shots from tonight

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