Wednesday, 21 October 2015


A few decent birds turn up in my local area in the last couple of days a few shrikes making appearance's,dartford warblers dropping in,then yesterday news broke that a red flank blue tail has been trapped at sandwich,a bird which has been a pain for me,never seen one but missed a couple,so a phone call from steve aston to see if i was going for it,my answer was no as per the norm no news was release to us fee paying mere mortals form the bay,unless you in the click,so we headed for the dartford warbler,but i later recieved a message from andrew l that the bird was still showing and a phone call from frank c,so i shot to sandwich meeting john ball and frank having being told the bird had been showing 20mins earlier, we was later joined by jerry,the time past with no show then i picked up a bird up in the trapping bingo calling frank and jerry over the bird was still there the worst view every,so we shot around the other side but no bird, so we waited again,while we was waiting a short eared owl was up about flying about so left them to it and went for the owls,the time was getting on so i left and headed for home,but i stopped and went to see frank and jerry to see if anymore sightings of r/f/b/t but the news was grim,so we all called it a day and wander back with a quick look at the trapping area the light was fading fast, we was seeing robins after robins,then i saw a robin and a smaller bird having a scrap,BINGO r/f/b/tail cracking views as it was flitting up and down off the fence we had bird to ourselves for 15mins or more,then the bird just flew of to roost,at last i can add red/f/b/tail to my kent list,big thanks to jerry and frank for the company and laughs,a few shots of dartford warbler

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