Monday, 16 November 2015


A short eared owling session again turned up trumps two birds and a young bird,who did not mind me sitting there gave superb views up close then is it vanished....i turned around and it was sitting next to me on a post unreal, words cannot say how privalige i was to have this wonderful owl so close
it made my year all the times i have waited in bushes and dykes and soaking grass this few moments in time makes it all worth while

pleased not much chuffed to bits is a understatement


Dylan Wrathall said...

Mark - that is superb! - Dyl

Margaret Adamson said...

How wonderful for you and a great image

Dylan Wrathall said...

Mark, I've just seen one of your pics in the "notable" section of Birdguides POTW.
Great stuff - keep going - Dyl

Bernie Weight said...

Excellent series of shots Mark.