Monday, 3 December 2018


I think the title sums things up,been out and about this summer doing this and that,but work has taken it toll been getting up at stupid o'clock for the past three years at  3.15am,been bloody knackered,and suffering with a bad back off and on for the last few years,and both my hands were giving me grief even after having both hands operated on for capel tunnel,so a chat with my company's owner i have gone back to a better working day one night shift and four 6am-3pm happy again,to help the back and hands i have downsize everthing from my bino's to the camera it was hard to sell eventually the 1d mk3,the weight was killing my back the olympus which i just could not get on with,so i went back to the 1d mk3 after seeing the white billed diver enough was enough so i part ex it,i went for a canon eos m5 in the end after reading the reviews so i ordered it,it came wrong bloody camera eos m50 pretty close,after a lot off hard negotiations i got 20% off and at the cheaper price of the m5 with the conditions it i did not like it they will change it to a m5,so far the weather been utter crap so not much use,so i am still getting the hang of it so far no issues with the tracking sticks to the subject like glue pleased so far,so i got 10 months to get to grips with the mirrorless before my return back to south africa,with everything booked even the pelagic  we going with from simons town more on the hoilday later