Monday, 11 February 2019


After finding the lesser spotted woodpeckers last week it was a return to try and relocate the marsh tits on the way down i was lucky enough to see two red legged partridges on the top of the bank,where we view collards lake a rubbish photo below
on arrival in the woods two common buzzards sitting in the sheep field,as walked  down the bottom by the stream i soon had the the lesser spotted woodpeckers,as i was watching them i heard a nuthatch i scanned the the tree tops and saw nothing another visit needed,then i heard marsh tit i turn around it was sitting on a tree stem

i soon let the others know and i was join by martyn and sue who soon was looking at this lone bird must be more then one bird there...........................


Marc Heath said...

That top shot is a cracker Chiddy. What side of the road did you see it? North or south?

Margaret Adamson said...

A lovely little bird to see