Sunday, 6 October 2019


Raining thats what i awoke too this morning so i heading down to stodmarsh and arriving just before half five,seeing martyns car there already, so i heading to tower hide in the pouring rain to meet him,yep you guess it after a quick text martyn was in reed bed hide bollocks lol lol,so waited for the the rain to stop off i walked in the rain to reed bed hide,as we where sitting in the hide waiting for it to get light a water rail was feeding along the edge of water in front of the hide.
just as it was light martyn picked up a bird flying across,dropping down just to the side of the hide,a quick glimpse of the bird SPOTTED CRAKE,funny thing was we were just talking about it that we had not see one this year,the bird soon disappeared into the reeds and vanished,sitting waiting and willing the bird to show both armed with cameras ready,the flew out straight out into the reeds in front,but luck for us it walked out onto the mud to feed but soon flew further away to the reeds behind and soon walked out giving better views then we normally get from the ramp a couple of record shots below

the bird ran back into the reeds and not seen again,we where soon join by two grey wagtails who enjoyed the kingfisher stick
another year tick for me,i have seen more great white egrets and cattle then grey wagtails this year in the valley,talking of great whites we where joined a few times with one
funny how things in birding changes few years back cattle and great whites where a mega but now common as muck,looking back at my valley year list i only seen 1 spotted red 1 curlew sand 2 wood sands,with many birds missing from the year list like oyster catcher,sandwich tern,little gull all birds we use to get

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