Wednesday, 19 August 2020


 Been a while is a understatement,with my work being all over the place and after having 5 weeks off and now back to working 3 days, my poor pocket has never hurt so much but now there is light at the end of the tunnel should with everthing crossed be back to normal at the end of the month,So what have i been doing i been trying my darn hardest to land a 25+ carp this is the boring stuff i have written down every carp i have caught since lock down and what i have used  80% caught by pellet waggler 19% feeder 1%fixed weight zero of the surface,i have used 25kg 8mm pellets 8kg 6mm pellet 2 tins of corn 4 tins of luncheon meat 5 tins of chick pea  371 6-10lb,83-15-20lb,2 20-30lb my last big one was out of stonar 21+ ,so never managed to to hit the 25+ but i will keep going,next tench never caught one until this year since then i have pulled in a a cracking total of  43 2-5.5lb,today my goal was tench i per mixed my groundbait yesterday which is home made just say it got curry in it i fished form 7.30-1pm and i caught 11 and drop a huge carp

happy days