Thursday, 15 April 2021

MEGA ON THE LEVELS pallid harrier

on the 12th i walked down to the brambles where the grasshopper was and checked to see if it was there,no luck i breaking my neck for a wee so as was having one i noticed a gull fly in from LA area and flying low over the reeds and grass fields i was watching it then it turned and i saw a very minimal black primary feathers and a very very pale rump and very narrowed winged and a ghostly white with brownisn tinished to it back this was at 16.41 so put the news out PALLID HARRIER within a few mos frank had phoned and i told him what i sure which is always good,unknown to me i picked a message up from danny on twitter at 1am it said almost certain i saw the this bird heading east over graveney at about 3.45pm i noticed it had a narrow black bar on the wings and lacked the obvious white rump of a hen harrier just a small smuudge also looked a tad smaller,always nice when somebody else see the same bird as you always start doubting yourself 

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