Wednesday, 21 April 2021

SEA EAGLE [non plastic]1/3/21

 my description for my sighting on 1st march 2021  [written up the same evening]

Driving along the a2 on my way home from at 14.10 just gone past the gate services on my right and just coming up to the turning left, a large raptor come over the tree tops a huge wing span with very large long fingers and very mottled brown in colour i even see the long dark bill as it was that low it seem to glide effortless across the bypass with me watching all the time and nearly crashing into the barriers i drove as fast as i could to swing around and see where it went,i have seen plenty of sea eagle in the past,soon i as i got home i infromed the county recorder who would let me know if it was plastic fantasic one, i also contacted  roy dennis who said it was not on of his also he told me there had been a few in from europe up to five 

make you wonder if the stodmarsh bird was the same

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