Wednesday, 25 May 2022


 The title really somes up what i been up to apart from bird watching,had a days lesson at ashford for fly casting with mike marshall as i joined 

a good move and helped me so much,i had to i eat humble pie i was thinking all stuck up snobs,how wrong could i be the most help people i ever meet in fishing,everyone help me even when i got out my car, introduced themselves pointed my in the right direction,i came away able to cast correctly,so on monday i had a two hour lesson in pembury and the weather was foul heavy rain but no wind bonus lee the owner of the trout lakes just help me fine tune things,and taught me how to roll cast into a backcast,which i can do but not together,after what i leanrt the day before,all the pieces fitted together like a jigsaw,the next task the hardest was to catch a fish,not as easy as i was thinking 2 hours in to follows not a fish on the bank,then it happen what a bite and what a fish

not a bad start to my fly fishing 

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Marc Heath said...

Nice one Chiddy. I fly fished for many years and had the pleasure of learning to cast with Charles Jardine, one of the best there is at this sport.