Monday, 17 February 2014


Back on the patch for the rest of the weekend after spending yet more time looking for the pond heron on saturday,this time with a loads of friends good to catch up,saying hi to everyone i left,glad i had seen the bird the day before it looked like a dipping weekend,i had had planned to go to dung but the wind was blowing a gale so head down to the POW for once it was opened noting to little gulls and the normal auks i left
sunday morning i headed to the patch and bumped into keith and dick who already been to the end and back noting a little gull and a all white bird in with the kittiwakes thinking now't of it i carried on birding, counting the razor bill and guillimots with most coming into summer plumage,at last i caught up with juv eider who is still hanging about along with the 1st winter med gull
 kittiwake below herring gull above
and at about 11.05 a white wing bird appeared and flew west not bulky enough for a glaucous so if only had to be a iceland i called adult but i could of been wrong but still a cracking bird to end the weekend with
gull fever must be catching it all i seem to been doing lately anyway a few more shite hawks for mr ashton
 black head gulls
 common gull below

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