Monday, 24 February 2014


Another weekend in the harbour,very very quiet just the normal wintering birds juv eider and med gull and kittiwakes,talking of kittiwakes one single bird has a death wish,it has worked out who catches the most fish and sits and waits then attacks fish as the angler reels in,i have been watching this bird does for over and hour it was getting one or two of the fish clever bird
then it happen it tangled up, hook in wing line wrapped around body grabbing a drop net i haul the bird in untangled it,then i had the greatest opportunity ever to hold this marvellous bird, so smooth and clam and gracefully i ask the angler to take a photo of me holding it, yes i let someone else use my camera.
the bird was released unharmed what a hour that was,but the bird carried on doing it,but i wandered of and let it get on with it,then i set about trying to get a few shots of the med gull that was playing hard to get

then a screaming common gull came into view 1st winter i think

end to pleasing weekend

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