Thursday, 13 February 2014


Arranged to meet robbie stokes this morning for a days birding,after i had picked him up with the day all planned a tweet form ian roberts saying the Chinese pond heron was showing a quick detour off the a2 at bridge, likely we was just coming up to the turn off twenty minutes later in the pounding rain we arrived out the car and straight on to it sitting high in the tree
what ever happens with the bird now i can say i seen it now,after spending all day yesterday looking for it,i even got a crappy record shot,it will be interesting, what way this will go, first accepted record cat e or even cat d so why not worst things get accepted,all the big guns are pointing towards a chinese pond heron,me i no now't,so i will sit and wait for the out come if in doubt go and see

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Dylan Wrathall said...

Mark - go see indeed, if this is a Chinese Pond Heron then vagrancy is a realistic possibility. Cat A, therefore, is the only option.
However, don't get too carried away, the decision making process takes forever and can still bite you in the arse - Slender-billed Curlew springs to mind.
If you've seen enough to convince yourself that CPH it is - then tick it! You shouldn't need someone to make a decision on your behalf. - Dyl