Saturday, 1 February 2014


The harbour is slowly coming to life,with the auk movement going on nicely with odd half dozen dropping in,the kittiwake numbers are increasing all the time along with bh gulls,a few common are mixed in,the 1st winter little gull has moved on but a juv eider has taken it place,second bird this year in the last three years i have been watching first one was on boxing day,there seems to be a mass of spats or herring moved in by the hoverport which a good sign so hopefully a few divers will turn up,in the mean time i been hammering away at the 1st winter med gull trying to read its ring number

i think it reads 9395 if you think not let me know,so was have a ball with the med as it was feeding in close,giving the 40d a ideal test,not quick on locking on but a nice light wieght camera images are ok,still can't wait to have the 1d back a few shots of the 1st winter


Steve Ashton said...

Leave the 1d in the menders and keep the 40d lol.

Mike H said...

Definitely ends 395 not sure of the first number.